Cardboard Robot Creative

Design and direction, UX, design thinking and creative problem solving

( & CD and DVD consolidation)

Cardboard Robot Creative is Design Thinking, General Creative & CD / DVD Facilitation for Independent Artists

 ( CD and DVD Brokering)


Design and Direction

My day job is design, digital, print, motion, UX , creative , art / creative direction and  problem solving . If you want to see a portfolio of recent work check the portfolio page – I have a full time gig at at the moment so I don’t have a lot of time for smaller project based work. To see other clients / full time and part time roles and education + freelance please check my behance page or get in contact and I’ll send you my book

Originally we (me , swerve and my buddy lucas abela) started consolidating discs for the label and our friends in 1995 to try and offset the costs of manufacturing so we could press cheap discs for the unconventional music we self released on the dual plover label. Word got around internationally and grew to the point where we were doing over 100 – 200 000 discs a year.  To see some of the music we released check .

CD and DVD prices