Ovato Rebrand

As part of the rebranding efforts for Ovato, which combined the PMP and IPMG print and digital groups and a suite of smaller digital and marketing groups including Spectrum, my role as Chief Custodian of the brand was to oversee the creation of assets that aligned with the new programmatic print and customer-centric direction.

From the beginning, the Chief Innovation Officer sought my input and collaboration in formulating the bigger brand story. As a result, I worked closely with other creatives within the company to develop assets that reflected the forward-facing chapter of the brand, while also paying homage to its heritage as a leading print provider.

The mark we created for Ovato was designed to reflect the company’s new thinking about digital marketing and print solutions, replacing the old print, media, and marketing as standalone services. As the Chief Custodian of the brand, I was responsible for ensuring that all creative assets were aligned with the new brand direction and communicated the company’s values and offerings effectively to customers.

Overall, my role in the rebranding of Ovato was to lead the creative direction of the brand, working closely with other stakeholders to ensure a cohesive and effective brand strategy.




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