Payment Options

All these methods of payment are designed to reduce any fees while providing the easiest and simplest method payment. If you are a long time client we can offer terms but if this is your first order or job please ensure payment is made before goods or services are delivered.

We will always try and recommend the best fee free or reduced fee option whenever possible.

Direct Deposit

Please check the top of your invoice for bank account details.

Paypal and Forex

All paypal payments carry a 4% surcharge. I do not have a paypal account anymore though as the fee’s were too high for well basically nothing and you get the added bonus of a terrible exchange rate!
If you are doing an international transfer I suggest looking at a forex provider like OFX . Less fee’s, better exchange rate = less money for the same thing.

Telegraphic Transfers

Our banking details can be found on our invoices. Please ensure that when depositing foreign funds you make sure we get the correct amount in $AUD, you will only be credited with the amount that appears on our bank statement after conversion and fees, anything outstanding must be paid before goods can be dispatched.