CD and DVD pricing and grids

Please note these prices are a rough guide only – for a quote please get in touch


You can supply your master as a ddp or disc image if you would like to supply a digital master. Please send via ftp not in email.
If you would like to send physical masters please remember to provide your masters on clearly labeled CDR audio discs. Your replicated discs will be exact clones of what you provide so make sure the content of your disc is going to play where you want it to – see red book standard for cd. Make sure your masters are burnt as CDR audio discs because you don’t wanna end up with CD-ROM’s (unless you want them of course). Note that CDr masters do have a failure rate of about 10 % – these burning errors are easily recognised at the start of the glass mastering process and if your disc does have any reading errors you will be notified (which is why we ask for a safety master for physical – digital masters will be checked at the mastering suite) for this reason we generally ask for 2 audio masters if you are supplying discs. We strongly recommend burning your masters at the slowest possible speed using a trusted brand of CDr.

Paper parts

Our standard paper stock for cases is a 150gsm gloss stock, if a different stock is required please let us know, all variations from the standard stock need to be quoted on a job by job basis as we get wholesale pricing based on bulk purchasing so if you want a chinese rice paper with visible fibres for instance, you will end up fair bit more than a standard gloss. But we can always get a wide range of paper parts to suit your project so just get in contact if you want to know more

if what you want is not listed please contact us for a price.

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Also please note prices do not include freight for international or GST for australia

templates here and artwork info here

Dual Plover Wallets

These come in 4 different sizes and all have a felt inlay as standard for the pocket where the disc sits:
Single Compact – which is the same size as a standard cd booklet one pocket for discs only
Double compact – Same size as single compact but with 2 pockets, one for a disc and one for a booklet or another disc
Single Standard – Same size as a jewel case, single pocket
Single Standard – Same size as a jewel case, double pocket

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CD Replication and paper part prices without cases

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Digipaks come printed on a 310 GSM single sided bleach board. Other stock and non standard variables available, these are quoted on a job by job basis so if you can’t find what you are looking for in the grids below please get in contact.

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