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Graphic , Digital,  Web Design & Art Direction


CD and DVD consolidation broker

Cardboard Robot Creative is my catch all creative business for graphic and digital design , motion graphics, art / creative direction and CD and DVD manufacturing

(I know the DVD and CD thing seems like a weird add on but I inherited from a business I used to run called Dual Plover).

Graphic, Motion, Web Design, Art and Creative Direction

Ok so its just me , it’s not a big business with offices and photocopiers. I used to have an office down in chinatown , sydney but it was too much of an overhead so now I just work from my studio at home in marrickville.  Anyway my name is Stephen Harris but my friends call me Swerve (long story involving a 1982 Datsun stanza, Lemmy from motorhead and a cricket player with a moustache).

I started working in the graphic arts way back in the 1990’s and have worked on everything from magazines to web , digital , apps and social as well as art direction and also motion graphics and editing. I’m also a casual design academic at UTS as well as previous tutoring at UNSWAAD. Currently I have regular gigs as the design lead at spectrum group and senior designer at ogilvy so there is not much time left over for freelance and love jobs (sorry! I can help you out with advice though just no time to make stuff)

Previously I used to run a (with my buddy lucas) record label Dual Plover and was a resident at an A.R.I called lanfranchis (if you want to see the doco its here.) For dual plover stuff check out

Also if you want to see a portfolio of recent work check the portfolio and blog pages or check the cardboard robot page on facebook – I generally spread all the stuff all over the internet just because I can, so you can always use google or bing or your search engine of choice (duckduckgo or wolfram alpha are good choices) . Or if you want to see other clients / full time and part time roles and eduction stuff for freelance please check my behance page here

Dual Plover

Dual Plover was (and still is!) a totally unique record label – cd and dvd consolidation point – touring agency – distributor and much more. I co ran dual plover with my friend (and amazing artist in his own right check out his portfolio of work here Lucas Abela.

After 15 years we called it quits, Lucas still runs the record label and touring and I still run the cd and dvd manufacturing for DIY artists. I still maintain part of the dual plover site for the cd and dvd manufacturing services . Originally we started consolidating discs for the label and our friends back in 1995 to try and offset the costs of manufacturing so we could press cheap discs for the unconventional music we self released on the dual plover label. Word got around all over the world and grew to the point where we were doing over 50 – 200 000 discs a year for people all over the globe.nI still press discs for a wide range of artists from all over the world with the same simple intention of supporting underground, independent and marginalised artists and musicians. If you want to see more check

CD and DVD Consolidated manufacturing.

I still do this to support independent and DIY , musicians, the demand for CD these days is greatly reduced but if you press a disc and sell it at least you get the chance to make some $$$ back (not like streaming media services!). I know its kind of weird to have all this design stuff and then cd and dvd tacked on to the end but I do still believe in supporting anyone who believes in pushing back against the giant wall of mediocre music we are all presented with every day!

This is just a small sample of the work I have done for client all over the world in the last couple of years. There is a LOT more and I will try and keep up with new artists and labels, cause there is still amazing things happening out there in the world. You just gotta go find it.

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